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Saying Goodbye to Whisper

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, March 24, 2011/Categories: Blog

Saying Goodbye to Whisper

Its been a tough few months for me here at the farm, watching the gradual deterioration of our wonderful stallion Whisper. In just a short period of time his health deteriorated so much that attempts to give him a great quality of life seemed futile.

On the 10th of March 2011 Whisper was finally laid to rest, buried beside our other great stallion Ramazotti on a rise overlooking the broodmare paddocks. My vet Noel Power did a wonderful job of letting this wonderful horse move on to a pain free and restful place. Whisper took it all in his stride with dignity and calmness and I know in my heart he was ready to go. Still, those last few minutes together when I walked him from the stable to the field, talking to him of how much love I had for him and how much I admired and adored him, were minutes I will treasure forever. As we stood together in the field and he ate carrots and apples out of my hand, my mind wandered back to the great victories we shared, and the pains we had endured together both in NZ and the USA. It had been a rollercoaster of a year long journey for both of us, with the saddest of all endings. The last thing I whispered in his ear as he laid down to the ground was a simple "Thank-you".

From the moment I laid eyes on Whisper in Melbourne four or five years ago, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. I dreamed many a dream that one day he would be mine, and I watched his career in Australia with great interest. When I finally got the chance to own him I took it without hesitation. I will always be indebted to Erin and Warwick Mortimer for purchasing a share in Whisper, and to my parents for helping secure a loan to buy him.

We had such little time together, but those who saw us together knew it to be a special partnership. I will never forget the crowd growing three-fold to watch him at the 2010 Horse of the Year Show - and the late night performance at the Sydney CDI in the Kur was very special too.

I would like to thank those people close to me who helped me thru these difficult months, including but not limited to Michelle Zielazo, Faye Rogers, Brett "The Vet" Warren, Ash Hart, Dr Noel Power and Dr Alec Jorgensen and the team at JLT Bloodstock.

When my dear friend Steven Moore passed away in a riding accident in Northern Ireland a couple of years ago, his mates and I learnt a very old Australian poem by Harry "Breaker" Morant and I often reflect on it in times like this, remembering those great people and animals that have enhanced my life and touched my soul.

"At the River Crossing"

Oh! the quiet river-crossing
Where we twain were wont to ride,
Where the wanton winds were to sing
Willow branches o'er the tide.

There the golden noon would find us
Dallying through the summer day,
All the waery world behind us -
All it's tumult far away.

Oh! thoe rides across the crossing
Where the shallow stream runs wide,
When the sunset's beams were glossing
Strips of sand on either side.

We would cross the sparkling river
On the brown horse and the bay;
Watch the willows sway and shiver
And their trembling shadows play.

When the opal tints waxed duller
And a gray crept o'er the skies
Yet there stayed the blue sky's color
In your dreamy dark-blue eyes.

How the sun-god's bright caresses,
When we rode at sunet there,
Plaited among your braided tresses,
Gleaming on your silky hair.

When the last sunlight's glory
Faded off the sandy bars,
There we learnt the old, old story,
Riding homeward 'neat the stars.

'Tis a memory to be hoarded -
Oh, the follish tale and fond!
Till another stream be forded -
And we reach the Great Beyond.

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