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Online Courses

Jody currently has three exciting online training courses available:


Principles of Horse Training

This series of videos marked the first collaboration that Jody produced alongside the team at - It contains more than 4 hours of footage where Jody talks through the 10 First Principles of Horse Training as laid out by the International Society for Equitation Science.  It also goes into basic in-hand training for the dressage horse, clicker training basics, training the Go, Stop, Turn and Yield, Counter Conditioning and so much more... 

Check out the Principles of Horse Training Course

Working Equitation


Jody once again teams up with the team to share her knowledge of the exciting sport of Working Equitation.  In this series Jody talks through the obstacles that a horse and rider will encounter in the Ease of Handling Phase of Working Equitation.   She  also explains how using obstacles can make the training of a dressage horse more interesting with an emphasis on suppleness agility and bend.  In this series you will learn how Jody has used WE in her dressage horses life to make training more fun and enjoyable for her horses. 

Check out the Online Working Equitation Course


Getting Started in Dressage

For this exciting and informative series Jody worked in collaboration with   

This course was produced specifically for the very amateur rider just starting out in their dressage endeavors with their horse.  The horses used in the recoding range from a newly backed youngster, to a winning ex racehorse.  The riders used are mostly mum's returning to riding or riders from other disciplines "learning the ropes". The course covers everything from how to learn and call tests, how to salute, change your whip, what the judge is looking for from inside the judges car / box and so much more!  

You will gain some valuable skills about the horse's way of going and also some great tips on perfecting your test movements and symmetry. 

Check out the Getting Started With Dressage Course