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Young Trainer Clinics

One of Jody's biggest passions is to help the trainers of tomorrow...

Jody says "I began riding when I was 6 years of age, and had literally hundreds and hundreds of lessons over many years, costing many thousands of dollars.  It wasn't until I met Dr Andrew McLean that I finally starting to understand how horse's learn - even simple things like pressure and release and what a true "turn" is were very foreign concepts to me at the time.  Once I understood much more about how horse's learn, new doors opened for me and I became not simply a horse rider, but a HORSE TRAINER and I felt like I had suddenly been given the magic potion that so many other people were missing".

Fast forward 15 or so years and Jody is now also training and learning how poly vagal theory fits with both horse training and being able to show up in life as a well balanced human being.

"My mess is really my message - I have made so many mistakes with horses along the way - things I really and truly regret, and often it was because I wasn't able to regulate my nervous system into a place where I was calm and predictable for the horse.  Both horse and human need to be in the "engagement zone" in order to learn, and both horse and human are social animals where bonding is really important"

Jody is pleased to announce that she is now running Young Trainer Clinics to help the young riders of today become the successful horse trainers of tomorrow.  

These 3 Day intensive clinics will cover topics such as

*  The science of how horse's learn

*  Social licence to operate (SLO)

*  Horse welfare and ethics

*  NZPCA Certificate work for B, A and H levels

*  Introduction to Poly Vagal Theory

*  Habituation techniques and retraining float loading issues

The first of these clinics is scheduled for October 2023