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Licenced KWPN Stallion

Dark Bay 17hh
DoB: 1991
Sire: Ramiro Z
Dam Sire: Joost

Sadly following the tragic death of Ramazotti we have a very limited stock of frozen semen available - to be used on selected mares only - please contact us for details.

Ramazotti brings Holland's very best showjumping pedigree to New Zealand. A very attractive long-legged stallion known to produce top competition mounts for dressage, jumping and eventing.

His Lineage

"Rammi" was bred in the south of Holland by Stal Meulemeesters in Boekel. He was the result of the crossing of the Kuer Preferent mare Bilithya to the tremendously popular G. Ramiro (Later known as Ramiro Z). Bilithya herself was the product of the famous cross of Joost and Abgar XX. Thus Ramazotti's pedigree reads like a whose who of famous Dutch lines: Ramiro / Joost / Abgar.

G Ramiro Z was one of the most successful breeders of show jumpers the world had ever seen. As a competition horse he was highly successful on the international circuit. He was known as the "King of Sires" and also dubbed "Stallion of the Century". He produced many notable international showjumpers including Ramiro's Girl, Donau, Rodney, and the Gold Medal winning mare Ratina Z. He also sired Grand Prix dressage stars like Rio Negro, Rampal and Lectron. Ramiro was a Holsteiner decending from Ramzes I, and he stood in Holstein, Holland and then at the Zangersheide Stud.

Ramazotti's dam-sire Joost was a founder of important breeding and competition bloodlines in Holland. His sire Consul was the sire of the world champion dressage horse Granat. Joost is most famous for crossing with Abgar (xx) to produce international showjumpers - and that is precisely the blood of Ramazotti's dam.

Abgar (xx) was a very important thoroughbred sire producing famous sons such as Pion (who sired the Grand Prix Dressage Stars Action and Democraat) as well as the Olympic showjumper Treffer. Abgar crossed with Joost is one of the most famous "nicks" of breeding of all time. This cross has produced international jumpers galore, including VIP, Ommen, Carrera, Germus R, Palfrinier and many others. 

Ramazotti's dam Bilithya is one of the highest decorated mares in Holland, being awarded the keur preferent title due to the fact her offspring have passed their performance testings with high rankings due to their remarkable conformation and action. She is the dam of string of talented horses including the Grand Prix showjumper Million (by Concorde) who is ridden by Micheal Robert for France. She is also the dam of the international jumping stallion Kapsonnes.

His Life Story

Once he was old enough for the stallion approvals Ramazotti was put into dressage training with one of Holland's top riders, former European Pony Champion Birgitt Van Der Eijken. A love affair had begun… Ramazotti was approved at the testing station Neustadt Dosse in 1996 with scores of 10 for Character, 9 for temperament and many eights for his canter and jump. He was licenced to breed with the ZfdP - the German Warmblood Assn.

After his testing was complete Birgitt couldn't bare to part with him, so he embarked on a dressage career with her that looked set to reach Olympic level for Holland. Rammi was a fast learner, a light and sensitive horse to ride that was always trying 110%. He reached Prix St George level in no time at all and was showing great talent for the Grand Prix work. However a tragic accident whilst free-jumping put paid to all of that. A broken lower cannon bone was the result of a moment's inattention, a fracture that ended this magnificent horse's competition career.

Some top veterinary surgeons were put to work screwing the joint back together, but an injury in a location like this would never have a strong prognosis. Although Rammi did eventually return to work, he was never 100% sound again. However he did compete in several international shows at Open Medium level with Sabine Peeters, a young Paralympic Dutch rider. This speaks volumes for his character… The decision was finally made to retire Ramazotti and continue his former career as a breeding stallion.

After the huge success of the Holsteiner stallion Landioso, Karioi Sport Horses of Raglan welcomed the offer of another top stallion to join their expanding warmblood stud and training facility. For Ramazotti it is a dream come true -mares on the hill waiting for him, and the freedom to exercise his tender legs in paddocks instead of the stall. 

Ramazotti brought to NZ the best of Dutch jumping bloodlines with the talent, trainability and flair to produce top dressage horses. In Holland he produced a number of lovely horses that were known for their easy minds, great work ethic, and beautiful looks - and he went on to produce the same here in NZ.

In his first season Ramazotti was used across a wide variety of mares and was very well patronised by the NZ breeding public. The resulting foals are all improvements on their dams, with great movement, nice markings, and also that unmistakable Ramazotti temperament.

Attributes of Ramazotti

  • Proven Performance - possess the necessary attributes of Olympic level dressage / jumping horse: excellent walk, great front leg at canter, and a powerful hindquarter.
  • Temperament - very intelligent with a sensitive and willing to please character
  • Paces and jumping ability - shows great scope for both
  • Strong Genetic base - really stamps his progeny. They are all true to type with great necks, long legs, super paces and trainable minds.
  • Highly fertile
  • Possesses the frame and length of leg not normally seen in a warmblood stallion in this country

Mares best suited to:

  • Ramazotti will cross very well over TB mares to produce dressage and jumping horses, and in particular this cross should produce eventing horses of international quality.
  • Warmblood mares that need to be given height, paces and jumping ability - especially those that need extra length of leg added.