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3-day Intensive Clinics

Jody Hartstone Lessons and ClinicsJody has been running these three day clinics for several years now and they are proving to be a great success with much learnt and new friendships formed.

Riders from all over the North Island have made the pilgrimage to Raglan to enjoy a full on three days packed full of learning. For some these clinics serve as an introduction to Equitation Science, to others a chance to consolidate what they may have learned all ready, and for others it’s a huge confidence boost to have such intensive help.

These clinics are normally limited to five riders so you can be sure you will be getting plenty of one on one time with Jody and your horse. It is an ideal get-away for a group of friends to escape to Raglan for a long weekend of learning and adventure. Some riders choose to camp on site, others take up residence in one of the many and varied accommodation opportunities Raglan has to offer. There is normally time for a tour of Raglan with Fish and Chips at the Wharf or a meal at the iconic Harbour View Hotel proving popular. One of the highlights for many of the participants is the ride down Raglan beach on the last day - a feat many never thought possible on day one.

Topics covered include

  • An introduction to Equitation Science
  • Group ground work sessions
  • Individualised dressage and jumping sessions
  • Equitation Science lectures
  • Float loading / problem solving
  • Clicker Training
  • Breaking in / starting demonstrations

Here is what some of the participants have to say about the clinics:

"As a 52 year old gran-of-two with an unfashionable and stroppy half-clyde mare, I was envious when a friend told me she was booked in to a three-day clinic with grand prix dressage rider Jody Hartstone. I had always wanted to attempt dressage but I felt that a clinic with one of the country’s top riders was well out of my league. “You should come too” my friend suggested, “Jody works with all levels.” A quick call to Jody assured me that she would be happy to have me at the clinic and - with great trepidation - I booked. I felt I would be out of my depth, but I was struggling with my hot little mare, so it was worth a try. Very well worth it, as it turned out. Far from elitist, Jody was welcoming, friendly and down to earth. She opened up her property and her home to us and shared a wealth of knowledge - both in the arena and over breakfast, lunch and dinner. No question went unanswered. The groundwork lessons were invaluable and led to the mounted work. We had individually tailored lessons and the chance to watch each other work as well. We watched demonstrations of a young horse being started, a reluctant loader being retrained and a demonstration of clicker training. There was variety, lots of learning and the chance to make new friends and “talk horses” all day and into the night. There was also the bonus of watching Jody work with her Grand Prix horse - the Lusitano stallion Ali Baba. I learned a great deal and had fun. So much fun I booked in for a second clinic some months later...and had an equally great time and learned even more. I recommend Jody’s clinics to anyone, at any level."

- Rachel Wise, Hawkes Bay

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Jody's 3 day clinics earlier this year. I was uneasy about attending this clinic because I'm such a novice rider with a young novice horse. The last time I had done anything like this was about 30 years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous about the other people attending and I thought it would be way beyond my experience. I couldn't have been more wrong.


I met some awesome ladies who I've kept in contact with and met up with on more than one occasion and I learned that teaching horses the basics is where EVERYONE needs to start - even the experienced riders $ horses.

I went from riding a young horse who looked everywhere but straight ahead, held his head like a giraffe and generally just wasn't paying any attention to me, which is not surprising because I had no idea what I was teaching him.

After 3 private lessons & 2 ground sessions my boy started to listen, softened his neck, dropped his head and was actually moving forward. Before this he was such a lazy bum, it was so frustrating.

I've continued my tuition with jody and enjoy regular dressage lessons once a month. I cannot recommend Jody enough to ANYONE, young, old, experienced, inexperienced, she's patient, kind and really does know her stuff. I can't wait to attend another one."

- Vanessa Bartley