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    Jody offers several different types of schooling services:

    Dressage Schooling

    Whether you have a young "green" horse just starting out in the sport or and older schooled horse you are wanting flying changes put onto - Jody Hartstone can help out. Perhaps you are wanting to go away on holiday but don't want your horse to be out of work? Again look no further. Jody can also take your horse out to its first ever dressage competition for you. Just tell us your requirements and we will tell you what is possible.

    Float Loading/Truck Training

    Jody is particularly capable when it comes to training and retraining issues to do with truck and float (trailer) loading and travelling. Whether your horse scrambles, rushes off backwards, has trouble turning, won’t stand on the float or it simply won’t load – Jody is here to help! Her technique for this she learnt from Dr Andrew McLean and she has become particularly efficient at it.

    Beach/Farm Riding and Hunting

    Hartstone Equestrian is based amongst fabulous countryside for riding out, trekking and hunting. Raglan beach is also an easy 15 minute drive away. If you are wanting your horse to gain experience in different environments, consider sending him / her out to Jody for some beach riding, farm hacking, or even some experience on the hunt field in winter months.

    Retraining Problem Horses

    Over the past 10 years Jody has focused on addressing problem behaviours in horses. Using the techniques of Equitation Science which can include overshadowing, clicker training, approach conditioning etc Jody has a very successful reputation with “tricky” or “difficult” horses. Some behaviours she specialises in fixing are:

    • Napping
    • Rearing
    • Bucking
    • Shying
    • Phobia of Jumping Water
    • Clipper-shy horses
    • Mounting issues